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The short version

Gestalt hag
Existence is the natural state of the universe.

space objects
Nature of something.

all is flux
Nature of space

events cell
Creation of event cells

Topology of event cells

universal principle
The universal organising principle

curvature of space
Determination of the curvature of space

gravity scape
Cumulative effects of event cells

mass and weight
The creation of ‘gravity’ and ‘mass’

dynamic patterns
The dynamic patterns of space

matter from energy
The production of ‘matter’ from energy

energy gradient
About energy gradients

motion without movement
;About ‘motion without movement’

The speed of light

force without force
About ‘force without force’

ball on table
Inertia and momentum


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12 February 2015

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The short version . . .

This is the introduction to the short version of the development of the hypothesis that the world is dynamic patterns of space. It is primarily a repeat of the KEY IDEAS that appear on each page of the long version.

Reading these pages in sequence will give you a quick overview of what the hypothesis is all about so that the long version will be more readily coherent.

To jump to the long version from any point in the short version, a link is provided in the side navigation.

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As with all philosophy, this is a journey of inquiry; enjoy the journey!

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