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Gestalt hag
Existence is the natural state of the universe.

space objects
Nature of something.

all is flux
Nature of space

events cell
Creation of event cells

Topology of event cells

universal principle
The universal organising principle

curvature of space
Determination of the curvature of space

gravity scape
Cumulative effects of event cells

mass and weight
The creation of ‘gravity’ and ‘mass’

dynamic patterns
The dynamic patterns of space

matter from energy
The production of ‘matter’ from energy

energy gradient
About energy gradients

motion without movement
;About ‘motion without movement’

The speed of light

force without force
About ‘force without force’

ball on table
Inertia and momentum


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12 February 2015

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Something . . .

We have been putting the word ‘something’ in italics because it is this something the nature of which we are investigating, because accepting that the something has existed forever does not begin to answer why it exists, what it is that exists or the way in which it is organised.
  • It is something the nature of which we are investigating.

  • Thinkers have always been concerned about what might be the fundamental substance of the world.

  • An ether in space was postulated from early times but shown to be incorrect by Michelson and Morley in 1881.

  • Ether is reinstated by Einstein as necessary for general theory of relativity, but is not ‘ponderable media’.

  • The relationist view of space is that it is just relations between objects.

  • The absolutist regards space as real, empty, a void but real.

  • By a process of elimination of entities, we hypothesise that space is the fundamental something and objects emerge from space.

Some progress has been made but we still have no idea what the nature of this space might be. Once we do have some idea of what space is, we will have a clearer view of which path we should take to move from that point to discover a universal principle according to which space is organised into objects that appear to be different from and independent of space and each other. So we move on now to the nature of space.

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As with all philosophy, this is a journey of inquiry; enjoy the journey!

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